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Horses and Men

A Different Drum
Everywhere the Lamb Went
Horses and Men
How Does your Garden Grow
Little Star
Three Men
Twisters, Quakes, and Hurricanes
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

I Just Wanted You to Know

Cover Up Scam
Go Ahead and Throw
Grandma's Christmas Tree
He Don't Live Here Anymore
I Just Wanted You to Know
It's Done
Solomon's Temple
The Other Side of Jordan
The Promise
Whole Lotta Reasons


Canaan's Land is Just in Sight
I Claim the Blood
I Don't Want to get Adjusted
Life Beyond Death
Nothing Can Hold Me Here
Strength in the Lord
That Same Spirit
There's a Light
My Eye Is On The Prize

The Seed's Alive

Don't Let Cain Kill Abel
God Can
God Delivers Again
I'll Be in Heaven
Just One
My Lord Will Send a Moses
Set Free
The Seed's Alive
Where Grandpa Went to Pray

The Seed Finally Grew

Beyond the Sunset
Go Thy Way
Hold to God's Unchanging Hand
The Chiseler
The Rich Man
The Seed Finally Grew
When Death Dies
You Were Right

A Few Steps Down The Road

A Few Steps Down The Road
House of Gold
Land of the Dying
Tears That Only Mama's Cry
Rank Stranger
I'm Gonna Miss Him
Victory in Jesus
The Evidence Won't Lie
Children Oh! Children
He Will Lead You Safely O'er


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